Women do you scream “Oh My God…Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes during an orgasm?

18 Apr

Oh Please….”Harder”, “Fuck”, “His Name” and calling myself a “Whore” are the words I yell before, during and after an orgasm.

It is a Pet Peeve when women claim they have had an orgasm but continue to comment and complain about the following:

Describe they’re orgasms as “It Feels Good”!

(WTF??? Your descriptive vocabulary should be the only excuse for your lame ass answer!)

Complain men ONLY want sex.

(Who wouldn’t want to experience such a euphoric
sensation at least twice a day? Sorry but your award winning personality does not compare!!)

Label another woman a “WHORE” because she spreads her legs again and again as she continuously begs for more.

(Thank you, I am glad to be a dirty, naughty “WHORE”. You say it like it’s a bad thing?)

It’s unfortunate and sad that the unhappy, sexually deprived women as described above view sex as a “Chore”. If you had to finally give-in because your headache excuse were exhausted, I am sure you quickly undress with no foreplay, roll your eyes, think about the TV show your missing, give your famous “fake” moaning orgasm in hopes it will expedite the pounding so he will hurry up and cum and FINALLY get the fuck off you!!!


The next time a woman makes a comment that indicates she is or may be a “Virgin” to an orgasm, I am going to rape that woman’s pussy with my tongue, ignore her plea to stop until her body shivers, squirms, toes tingle and bitch screams asking for another, another…..

Whew, I need to come up for air after for that!

Ladies that is an ORGASM.

Beginning now, you will crave, hunt and prowl for your next stiff dick, interview men for your new “Fuck Buddy” position, and or buy and name the mechanical stimulator you will obsess and use daily in the absence of a dick.

I was grateful that Bob, my former boss, hired me as a Photo Technician at Eckerd’s, but honored he spent two hours giving me the orgasm that would define and explain my slutty behavior. This was better than a raise he never gave me on my paycheck. If the day comes when I meet this man again, I will drop to my knees as a submissive slave, until the king has announced all pleasurable debts have been redeemed to his satisfaction.

I had a crush on Bob who was quite the pervert. He chased female customers around the store not in effort to give them excellent communication but to slip a peak at their cleavage or get a better look at their ass. Not sure what actions or dialogue initiated the situation but after work one day he drove me to his apartment 45 minutes away. Although I was a virgin, I was not shy to announce that area was “off limits”.

He respected the “No Dick Allowed” request and instead the intimate area became a playground for his tongue. I didn’t know exactly what this man was doing or his intentions but I grew uncomfortable, embarrassed and the word “Yuk” came to mind when he was exploring this area.

After an hour and half, I knew he was determined to make me “cum”. Finally, I allowed my mind to surrender all doubt and hesitation, let his tongue overcome my body so he man could give me the “Gift” he knew I hadn’t yet experienced.

Prior to my orgasm, I remember thinking “Please don’t stop” as I was blindsided by this pleasantly scary feeling. Then during I was begging him not to stop, and after thinking “Wow. What the fuck was that?”

Hours later, I was the proud owner of my first multi speed vibrator which I discarded years ago after battery frustration, got a “Fuck Buddy”, masturbate both morning and night and seek the strange dick more often than I should.

My goal is to make sure all women have experienced such an exhilarating moment which defines her sexuality and womanhood.

If you know or have any doubt you have not had an orgasm, please message me and I would love to host and be the one to warmly welcome you to the “Wonderful World of being a Whore”!!!

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