He Dumped Me For Another MAN!!!

19 Apr


I know watching two women sexually explore one another’s body is sexy and highly erotic, but is it the new “In Thing” for men to seek the male gender for sexual stimulation?

I’m sorry but I’m trying to avoid my future marriage to reenact scenes from the movie “Brokeback Mountain”. Let me first clarify I am by no meaning homophobic, but I will ONLY date and or marry a man knowing for a FACT that his dick has not been in another man’s ass. After a particular incident that I will explain later, I now ask all my future dating candidates “ARE YOU BISEXUAL OR HAVE ANY BISEXUAL TENDENCIES?”

The Following are a few responses.

Guy #1 “Ummmmm….”

Too long of a response! NEXT….

Guy #2 “Ummmmm”, three seconds later, “I don’t think so”

Closet gay, NEXT…..

Guy #3 “No, but a guy gave me $100 to suck my dick. Come on it was a hundred bucks, who wouldn’t!!”

What guy wouldn’t let another guy suck his dick, I thought? A man who likes PUSSY!!!

Guy #4 “I let a guy suck my dick as my girlfriend at the time watched. It was her fantasy.”

Her fantasy or yours? Dude, pick a chick who doesn’t want a guy to suck your dick!!!!

Guy #5 “I had a girl stick her finger up my ass during sex and it was the hardest and most intense orgasm I ever had. I wouldn’t be opposed to being with man. I often wonder what it would be like”.

Okay, I don’t know what to say to that except, follow your heart but it won’t be with me!

I know not all men is going to be upfront and honest so I sometimes have to play reverse psychology and lead them to think two men having sexual intimacy is HOT!!! Ugh, just talking about it makes me ill. What was the outcome of tricking these men? Three guys, who had earlier proclaimed they like women ONLY, admitted they were curious to know what it would be like with a dick in their ass.

I am very STERN in wanting to know the TRUTH to this question because I do NOT want to witness the traumatizing experience I did with my ex-boyfriend Luke and his gay best friend Mike. The following is unfortunately a true story:

I really liked Luke and I hadn’t slept with him yet in hopes of something long lasting would develop since my one-night stand cycle wasn’t working. It struck me as odd that Luke sometimes accompanied his gay best friend Mike, to gay bars and nightclubs. There were a few nights, Luke had preferred to join Mike at the gay club rather than me. Hey it’s his best friend I thought. The chances of Luke picking up strange pussy at a gay bar was very slim so I never really complained.

One night before Luke was to meet Mike at the gay bar, I jokingly but somewhat seriously asked, “Do you and Mike have something romantic going on,” I said smiling and giggling. Luke took me in his arms, he too was slightly giggling at my question and responded “Mike is my best friend, and I get a kick watching stiff dicks try to hit on me knowing I’m not gay.”

One Friday evening Luke commented that he wanted to spend time with me AND Mike and invited me to come to the gay bar with them. I had met Mike a few times, he was a sweet man and always had me rolling in laughter.

I was excited about the invitation ad didn’t care where we went as long as I was spending time with Luke. A night at the gay bar was fun as I had anticipated, and VERY entertaining. Mike hustled the room for “fresh meat” determined to get laid and I stayed close to Luke making it obvious he was taken!! However, several men throughout the night approached Luke, knowing him on a first name bases followed by a hug and or handshake. Hmmmm….Luke must of made quite an impression with these men since he claims he comes to the gay bar only SOMETIMES!

We left the bar an hour before it closed so we could pick up some beer and grab fast food. I didn’t live far from the bar so I suggested Mike stay over with Luke and I since he had a bit too much to drink. I gave Luke a key to my apartment and told them I would meet them there after I got some beer and hamburgers from McDonalds.

My apartment was on the third floor and enclosed like a “hotel style”. I was tugging my purse, beer and three bags of food. I could easily eat and pass out as I too had a few too many drinks. When I reach the third floor I hear a ruckus echoing through the hallway. I walked toward my apartment located midway down the hall and I could hear two men laughing and yelling. When I got to my door I realized it was Luke and Mike too drunk to be considerate to lower their voices to my neighbors, I thought. I was PISSED! I did not want a noise violation from the landlord because of their drunk dumbasses!!

The door was already unlocked so I walk in ready to cuss their ass out!!

I paused…. I was watching a live gay porno with my boyfriend leaning over the arm of the couch moaning loudly, “harder bitch” as Mike pounded and clapped Luke’s ass with his dick!

What happened after that is irrelevant. Let your imagination run wild and I am sure I said and did all of those things. I sometimes wander if Luke resorted to his gay friend to fulfill his sexual needs because I wasn’t putting out!

Again, I ask, is it the “In Thing” for men to be bisexual or have bisexual tendencies?

2 Responses to “He Dumped Me For Another MAN!!!”

  1. Paula April 27, 2012 at 9:39 AM #

    One thing about straight men my age (50ish) is that they are generally not so PC and will state flat out NFW, disgusting, yuck, no, never, or the like immediately on the other men question. I’ve never talked to any man from any dating site that didn’t do this.

  2. John the Aussie June 4, 2012 at 11:48 PM #

    Just not my thing, at all… Though a few mates are curious or flat out gay, I’m never sure that their response “Don’t worry mate, your not my type” is such a relief, but soon relish in the fact that I’m obviously more of a straight ladies’ type.

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