“I had a five-year affair with your fiance”, the live-in housekeeper told me.

24 Apr

I get a call from a familiar voice that I hadn’t spoken to since I had left my ex-fiancé two years ago. She was our “live-in” housekeeper and she had a confession.

“I was the mistress of blank for five years. I am sorry for having an affair with your finance. I am ready to tell you the story.”

I know, but at the time I had not proof!

After four serious relationships, despite they had all resulted in lifetime friendships rather than marriage, I thought I had a knack for selecting “quality” men until I met, dated and moved in with “the doctor”.

Needless to say “the doctor” who was and is stupid rich as most people call it, did not prosper from his practice, but became a medical entrepreneur and who at the time had a net worth of at least 200 million. Due to our progressing relationship, (not the money) I relocated, quite my job as he wished, shopped, laid by the pool, planned parties and of course made him happy, extremely happy WHEN HE WAS HOME.

His arrogance was a result of the power, success and money obtained from his Ernest Young, Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I searched for reasons why he was a good man but the truth was he was only generous, humble and a non selfish role model in the public eye if it benefited him and guaranteed recognition and praise. For example if you were invited for a dinner outing he was always on his best behavior, but if we were alone he belittled and degraded those “serving” him. I often suggested dinner at home to spare the embarrassment, apology and slipping an extra a $100 bill to the waiter for tolerating his demanding and inappropriate behavior.

Needless to say, treating those who “served him” at a restaurant was no different than the 5 live-in housekeepers that came and went in a month. My suspicions arose when he asked me to use my credit card to place an ad for a housekeeper on Care.com because his profile was banned and credit card was recognized. His reasoning was women reported sexual harassment because they wanted his money.
Then Aimme moved in and became our new live-in housekeeper. It was odd and strangely obvious that he treated the new 40-year old housekeeper from Thailand like a Queen comparatively speaking from the previous five. For example, after two days on the job he bought her tickets worth $2000 to the San Antonio Spurs playoff game, told her to sit down and join us for all our meals, hosted her and her friends on special outings on the yacht. Again this is coming from a man whom belittles all those “serving” him!

In my gut, I knew he was cheating but couldn’t prove it despite my numerous creative and scandalous attempts to prove my intuition was true. Then one day while chatting with “the doctor” in our home office, I was exploring the new IPad he had recently bought. Fascinated by all new electronic devices and began exploring all gadgets and applications it had to offer when I just so happened clicked on “email”. I was not being nosy but rather behaving like a kid in the candy store. Then there it was, the proof I had been longing to know. Immediately pops up a craigslist ad in the “casual encounter” category that revealed a picture of “the doctor” with a rather raunchy and naughty title followed by an ad soliciting blow jobs and sex. There were also corresponding emails between him and various women regarding their recent meeting or planning to meet.

He must have seen the shocked look on my face because he runs around the desk towards me and asks me what I was looking at. I tried to get out of the screen but it was too late, he saw his secret was exposed and my suspicions were confirmed.

I had excused myself to go shopping to buy place mates for the party we were hosting later that evening. When I returned home I acted as though nothing had happened and didn’t say a word.

He stopped me, took me in his arms and said, “Sweetie, I was trying to find us a playmate”. Hmmm, don’t remember having this discussion, I thought.

The next day he bought me a new Mercedes and a week later I left him taking only the items I brought into the relationship leaving behind the car, jewelry, clothes, gifts etc.

When I received the surprise call from the housekeeper she admitted to living in a condo he paid for in the city he most often traveled to for work. She told me she moved in with his with the intention that her “Housekeeper” role would be short-term because she was told the girlfriend, me, was on her way out. Now I know why she was surprised when she learned after she moved in that I too, moved in two weeks prior. It also wasnt a shock when she told me they met on sugardaddy.com. I still laugh at my ignorance in the situation and we have been best friends since.

As a result of his infidelity, I now have cervical cancer and cannot bear children.

At the time just before I left him, people told me to look the other way because he gave me a wonderful life full of materialistic values. Now when people comment or make the remark that I should have stayed with him, I give the women his number, a box of condoms and say a prayer.
I have been eliminated in The dating science due to my lack to conceive children.
I had the power, I walked away with dignity. self respect and pride but in some regard it was already to late!

Money is not everything.

9 Responses to ““I had a five-year affair with your fiance”, the live-in housekeeper told me.”

  1. gingerm2012 April 24, 2012 at 9:54 PM #

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  2. Nynia Chance April 24, 2012 at 10:10 PM #

    I’m so sorry to read of the “legacy” he left you with. That said, I’m so glad to read of how you aren’t carrying his betrayal around on your back, and have a friendship with the woman who was in the situation with you. Your posts show that you’re a very strong woman who’s conquered quite a bit, with a generous and loving spirit. Thank you very much for your example. ❤

  3. fulltimegangsta April 25, 2012 at 7:23 AM #

    Good on you for walking away. Just because someone has money is not a reason to let them treat you like shit. I’m so sorry about the cervical cancer 😦 what a fucking douche. Makes me so angry!

  4. frankoshanko April 26, 2012 at 12:23 AM #

    I hope you don’t let ugly behavior by others color your view of the world too much, or change who you choose to be. Be the best possible version of yourself! ( :

  5. pehayes4244 April 26, 2012 at 12:30 AM #

    Thanks! We live our life, learn from our mistakes and never look back 🙂

  6. pehayes4244 April 26, 2012 at 12:44 AM #

    I tried seearching for your email but couldn’t locate it, can you please tell me how I can have my picture on all my posts. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work?

  7. frankoshanko April 26, 2012 at 8:42 AM #

    They call it a “gravatar”. Click your name in the upper right of the screen, right next to the magnifying glass. It should let your upload a picture from there. ( :

  8. Susannah Bianchi April 26, 2012 at 10:36 AM #

    Oh my, what an upsetting story. So sorry. We all have them though tucked away. Know you’re not alone.

  9. D Gratoew May 24, 2012 at 4:37 PM #

    Oh God, I’m so sorry for everything he put you through. A heart can heal in time, but to give you cervical cancer – where’s the justice in that? I’m so so sorry. You were strong to leave him, and to leave him with your dignity and pride firmly intact. He’ll get what’s coming to him – Karma has amazing memory. Take care…

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