Flower Stalker

7 Apr

There was one date, among many others that I will never forget.

I have always been attracted to older men, and prefer men I date to be at LEAST five years older than myself due to maturity reasons. However, I did make an exception for one guy whom was five years younger. I was hesitant and almost discouraged but decided to give him a chance. He suggested we meet downtown at a fairly upscale restaurant where entrees, without sides started at $50 a plate. This was not typical for a blind date. Usually its drinks first, and depending on the level of chemistry, after a few more dates perhaps dinner at an upscale setting is suggested. I spotted him immediately in the lobby. He looked just like his pictures but with a softer baby face that clearly identified his age if not younger. We had a nice dinner and conversation, but like most people, I can tell within the first five minutes if a guy is my type, and he did not fall in that category. The only awkward moment in the evening was when the waiter took our initial drink order and asked for his ID for the beer he had ordered and disregarded to ask for mine. I felt like I was taking my younger brother whom was home for college out to dinner or a cougar rocking the cradle.

A thank you and hug ended the date, followed by another thank you text the next day. Monday when I got home from work, I noticed flowers had been delivered and placed at my front door. The card read “I had a great time Saturday. Hope we can do it again soon” Nick.

An hour late,r while eating dinner, I froze and heart probably skipped a beat when I thought, “HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW MY ADDRESS”??? I met him at the restaurant and never told him where I lived.

Calm down Priscilla, let’s think about this.

Option A: Could he have peaked at the address on my drivers license when I excused myself to the ladies room? No, the address on my drivers license is from my residence four years ago.

Option B: Could he have followed me home? I don’t think so since I left the restaurant at 10:30, met a girlfriend at her house and got home at 2:30AM. Possible, but highly unlikely.

Seriously, how else could he have learned where I lived. The next day at work I texted him thanking him for the flowers and inquired how he knew my home address.

He texted me the following: “I’m not a stalker so don’t think I’m psycho, lol, but I really had a good time the other night and got your address on whitepages.com”.

I immediately checked out whitepages.com and sure enough all my information including DOB, names of parents and siblings, previous and current address was public knowledge. I was amazed at how quickly my current address was posted considering I had just moved back to Texas two weeks prior.

I ceased all further communication, despite the flowers he continued to send the next three days.

It was a valuable lesson learned, and have taken all necessary precautions to disclose my identity from the public in hopes to be at peace with my safety.

2 Responses to “Flower Stalker”

  1. Rubarbs April 7, 2012 at 9:09 AM #

    I’m glad to say I’ve never had an experience like that. I’m not sure that kind of information is so easily available in the UK but I’m certainly going to check!
    I’d never give out my last name to men I’m dating (at least for a couple of dates); that would help with them not identifying you.
    I only ever give my cell-phone number now too, not my home phone number.

  2. John the Aussie June 4, 2012 at 9:28 AM #

    Geez, your lucky you got a “soft” stalker first…

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